A New Project: A Dispensary for Gros Mangles

Project Gros Mangles's latest project is its loftiest yet, but is also perhaps its most important. The people of Gros Mangles desperately need access to basic medical care. When people in Gros Mangles need care, they have to travel for two hours over very rocky roads to the nearest health facility, and for the sickest making the trip is impossible.


 Building a medical facility is a complex project in the best of conditions, but building a dispensary in Gros Mangles will be extra challenging. With no infrastructure for accessing supplies and no electricity or modern construction equipment, the building will take time and immense physical labor.


A village committee, and Project Gros Mangles leaders Drs. Mitaut and Ragone, and Jonas Celius, got the project started in January, 2014. The Haitians will spend 2014 securing land and a deed for the dispensary. From the United States, Project Gros Mangles is using 2014 to raise the money needed to get the project started. 


If you are interested in participating or contributing in any way to the construction of the dispensary, please contact Dr. Mitaut at, Dr. Ragone at, and/or Mr. Jonas Celius at

The First Project: A Place to Play 

Kids in Gros Mangles have few places to play that are safe. That's why the service project conducted by the students and faculty from the French program in Shippensburg University's Modern Language Department was so important.


Drs. Mitaut and Ragone took a group of students to Haiti in January 2013 and again in January 2014. Led by, Haitian born facilitator, Jonas Celius, the group of students and faculty built a 5,200 square feet playground for l'École Presbytérale in 2013. The group returned in 2014 and completed the project adding 4,000 square feet to the playground.


Both years, the project was the conclusion of a six-credit seminar in the French program taken over the winter break. The courses introduce the students to the rich history and culture of Haiti. The seminars are offered with French and English options.


If you would like to take the seminars and participate in this meaningful service-learning project over the 2014-2015 Winter Break, please contact Drs. Mitaut and Ragone. 

Gabriel Martin, painter of La Gonave, helps with the fundraising efforts.