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The Baker

Flour, water, an oven and some of your best pals join up in a kitchen to make fresh bread.


It's simple until you move it to a place without any running water, electricity or even wooden rolling pins. Factor in the bakery is a thatched hut using a wood fired oven and you've got a full day's work.


The baker and his helpers do their job in Gros Mangles every week in these conditions making bread to sell to the community.

The Artist

The artist, Daniel Martin, originally from Gros Mangles, creates and paints some of the most beautiful art that we purchase and resell to gain more funds for the dispensary! Learn more about him below and check out his artwork on the artwork page!



In January 2018, SU alum Paige Arensmeyer documented life on the island of La Gonâve, including Gros Mangles. The documentary shows the medical center in its 3rd year of construction, the year that the roof was installed. 

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