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Who We Are

Dr. Ragone is a linguist who specializes in Romance languages (French and Spanish). She has been teaching since 1998 at Shippensburg University. Dr. Ragone has lived in and traveled to several countries around the world, including 13 years in North Africa. She is no stranger to community-service initiatives in the U.S. and abroad. 




Dr. Ragone hauling water to pour concrete

Dr. Mitaut started teaching French language, culture and literature courses at Shippensburg University in 2008. In 2012, she joined Dr. Ragone’s efforts on the Gros Mangles Project. She is grateful for the friendships she made in Gros Mangles and is looking forward to her next trip to the Haitian village.

Dr. Mitaut in the bucket brigade

Mr. Jonas Celius, father and husband of Shippensburg University graduates, has been instrumental in the development of Project Gros Mangles.  Originally from the village, he wanted to give back to his home town after his successful move to the U.S.  Since the start of the project, his indefatigable and selfless contributions have allowed for the work to move forward. 

Mr. Jonas Celius and Dr. Ragone working on site




We are now in full swing for the building of the dispensary.  We laid the foundation in January 2015 and started on the walls.  We raised the walls in January 2016, and put a roof up in 2017. In 2018 and January 2019, windows, doors, electrical wiring, and concrete floors were installed. Please go to




and donate in one click so the villagers can have health care.  We will continue with the building this coming May 2019.  Our upcoming efforts will include plumbing, and purchasing a generator and a solar panel. We will then look for furniture and medical equipment for the facility. At the same time, we are pursuing various options for medical staffing once the facility is operational.