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  • Playground Project: Kids in Gros-Mangles have few places to play that are safe. That's why the service project conducted by the students and faculty from the French program at Shippensburg University's Global Language and Cultures Department was so important. Drs. Belval-Ragone and Mitaut have been taking groups of students to Haiti since January 2013. Led by Haitian-born facilitator Jonas Celius, the group of students and faculty built a 5,200 square feet playground for l'École Presbytérale in 2013. The group returned in 2014 and completed the project adding 4,000 square feet to the playground. ​See SU alum Ally Hill's full documentary here

  • Centre de Santé Communautaire Belval de Gros-Mangles: Project Gros Mangles' second endeavor has been the construction and operation of a much-needed medical facility. We started in 2014, and the initial goal was to complete construction in 2021. Thanks to the hard work of our team in Haiti, our U.S. volunteers who traveled to Gros-Mangles and the support of our generosity donors, the "Centre de soins communautaire Belval" opened on June 1, 2020. We are now looking to improve the facility and to sustain its operation. There are currently 8 employees on staff: 3 nurses, 1 lab technician, 1 pharmacist, 1 security guard. The Haitian physician and administrator overseeing the facility have been volunteering their time and expertise,  and we would like to add them to the payroll. Together, we can ensure continued access to quality health care to the people of Gros- Mangles.

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